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Overview/Getting Help  

Manager is a comprehensive shop management system which uses the best database management technology available to provide an automated approach to creating estimates, repair orders, and invoices. The reporting features of Manager allow you to track and easily access the information that you need to run your shop in an efficient and profitable fashion.

Learning About the Mitchell 1/ShopKey Shop Management Program

The Shop Management program contains extensive context-sensitive online help and training videos that cover all the essential elements of the program. To access the online help, simply click [F1] in any screen, or dialog box, to get specific help in the area you are working in. If Video Training is available for that help topic, as it almost always is, click the SE Video Training icon at the top of the help topic. The icons pictured above lead to a video overview of the Shop Management Program. Click the Mitchell 1 Training Videos or ShopKey Training Videos link in the left side-navigation for a complete listing of available Training Videos.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Please visit the Hardware Requirements page on the website for detailed requirements information.